They Found Water on Mars!

Deb Shapiro '17, Staff Writer

NASA’s most recent discovery has rejuvenated the promise of life past Earth and within the universe beyond; there is water on Mars! Although the water is saltier and brinier than the water you typically find running out of your faucet, this amazing find offers scientist another puzzle piece in explaining how life could exist on Mars. What could be out there, on that mysterious red planet? Of course, we probably wont find that a random colony of musty, crusty martian creatures have been under our nose the whole time, but the presence of possible microbes on Mars is still pretty exceptional!

NASA researchers initially found the evidence of water in pictures of Mars, in which dark streaks (referred to as recurring slope lineae) could be found in the Garni Crater. By the particular way the light bounces from the dark streaks, scientists were able to conclude that the streaks were indeed watery flows.

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