November is Nanowrimo: The World Needs Your Novel


NaNoWriMo started back in 1991 in Seattle when a group of friends shared an idea on Facebook. The site (and novel writing movement) has been running for about 10 years now; its objective is to inspire kids to write and create!

If you have a passion for writing, you should definitely join in.

Some Wakefield students have already experienced this phenomenon. They made the impossible possible. Freshman Lucy Rissmeyer said, “I thought it was really fun because I got to push myself and develop an idea… That’s cool.”

She worked on the novels with her middle school English teacher, Mr. Stewart. Luckily for aspiring novel writers at Wakefield, Mr. Stewart has transferred to Wakefield this year. He is continuing the NaNoWriMo tradition during WP every day in November. He said, “this November I am opening my Warriors’ Period to any 9th or 10th grader who has a story to tell and wants to write a book. They just have to sign up ahead of time” and bring their MacBook Air to the classroom, C-358.

Ms. Wathen and William Ramirez are joining in the novel writing movement this year. They invite any interested 11th or 12th grader to join them in this adventure during Warriors’ Period every day for the month of November. They will be writing in The Chieftain Computer Lab, C-116. There are desktops available for everyone who signs up for NaNoWriMo.

Why do people make themselves write a novel in a month? “I think it’s definitely hard…but it’s definitely a rewarding experience…you should do it” said Rissmeyer. Mr. Stewart offers this experience and participates himself “to demystify writing… to show that anyone with a bit of hard work can be a writer.”

Imagine…as you walk into the room, you can feel the intensity in the air, EVERYONE wants to win, to finish their word count goal for the day. Once you take a seat, the sound of keyboards sweep you away and words run across your mind.

Still need to be convinced? Rissmeyer shared a little of her history with novel writing; “I started in 3rd grade. My dad told me I should do it, but I stopped after 5,000 words… In 7th grade I did it again…that time I finished it…my novel was about steam punk people who tried to assassinate the queen…in 8th grade… it was about super heroes who were on the run from the government.” Worried about coming up with an inspirational idea? Don’t be. NaNoWriMo has you covered with tips and tricks.

How does it feel when you make it to the end of your novel? “Time after time I have enjoyed success at the end of the month as they have turned their book into a paperback.” said Mr. Stewart.

Mr. Stewart even offers online workshops to help students hone their craft. The next workshop starts on Monday, October 19th and focuses on students building their creativity. Check out for more information.