Students Of The Month Celebrate Success


Kali Burroughs '18, Staff Writer

Teachers want us to succeed. They want to motivate us to keep trying. Any staff member can nominate one student each month; after the month is over, each Wakefield staff member can pick one student who defines what it means to be a student. Here is a list of students who showed they deserved to be called the September “Student of the Month.”

The students who received the award were invited to get their picture in #thechief. (If you missed the September picture and are on the list, come to the October Student of the Month Picture in Town Hall!)

How does it feel to be the first Students of the Month for the 2015-2016 school year?

Let’s ask the winners:

Freshman Roger Bokwango said, “I worked very hard, I am very proud of myself .”

Freshman Kyle-David Byrne said, “It feels great to be acknowledged for my outstanding achievements.”

Freshman Stefanie Gutierrez said, “I feel super good about this, hopefully I can get a few more students of the month soon.”

Freshman Olga Lopez Ojon said, “it is so good, because to be student of the month is dreamy.”

Freshman William Polly said, “It feels pretty cool since it’s my first month of high school. You just have to be respectful and do your work and you just might get chosen.”

Freshman Rudy Schneider said, “It feels nice to be commended for good work. The candy was also nice.”

Sophomore Brahim Abdelouhabi said, “It feels awesome, it’s just incredible. I like this feeling.”

Sophomore Acsa Gonzalez said, “It feels great to know that my hard work is paying off and that I’m being recognized.”

Sophomore Eric Isler said, “To be student of the month means a lot, it let’s me know how hard I’ve worked to reach this goal.”

Sophomore Rami Klouz said, “It feels like you are a genius.”

Junior Sirage Hamam said, “Awesome.”

Senior Brittney Jones said, “It feels like your famous, like a queen.”

Who will be the October Students of the Month? Check back with The Chieftain in the second week of November, #warriornation.