Increasing Risk of Death for Journalists


Photo per Creative Commons License: A. Romenzi,

Lighting cameraman and war reporter Sirio Timossi in action.

Mominah Tariq '19, Staff Writer

Journalists have put their lives on the line to get the truth to their audiences. The death risk for journalists has increased over the last few years. In 2015 in the conflict zones across the world, the killings of journalists has increased by 3%. Most deaths are being recorded in Iraq, followed by Syria, then Libya.

The thing that horrifies the world the most is the barbaric way that the journalists are killed, with ISIS and other militant groups releasing a video showing the killing of each innocent soul. Journalists are courageous beings, always willing to go out, into the most dangerous of places, to provide people with unbiased news. They are always ready to go, without any real protection. They are an easy target for groups to get noticed. Journalists have been on the target lists of many Islamic militant groups especially in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and are brutally killed for attention.

It can be easy for people to ignore these killings, since they seem to be a world away. The most recent killings have hit close to home, and can not be ignored.

Allison Parker and Adam Ward were shot during a live broadcast on August 26, 2015 in Bedford County, VA. Since these killings are more local, more local people are talking about it.

As a new journalist, I think it is important to talk about. There are a number of international and national laws that ensure special status and protection for journalists, however the  extremists do not care for these laws. The laws fail to protect the journalists. If journalists are not protected, then the truth will not come out and these killers can keep killing without ramifications.

There is a need to create awareness on the importance of journalists, and journalism, so that we continue to get news; we need to know the real picture.