Coach Hogwood Seizes an Opportunity at Wakefield

Coach Hogwood and Ryan Alston 14 talk during practice.

JD Grant '15

Coach Hogwood and Ryan Alston ’14 talk during practice.

Coach Wayne Hogwood saw an opportunity and seized it. Hogwood played quarterback and graduated from Wakefield in 2000, played at Shenandoah University, and then went on to coach at cross town rival, Yorktown. He coached the freshmen Patriot team to an undefeated season in 2005. Hogwood worked his way up the ranks to become the defensive coordinator at Yorktown. He chose the opportunity to come to Wakefield this year because he considers it home, and wanted the chance to be a head coach. “It’s tough [coming back to a losing team]. I feel like I have a shot to change the program around and make something new happen because we have talent.” Hogwood believes football is the best sport because it takes more than size and strength to be successful, it takes endurance and intelligence as well. Hogwood has the ability to turn Wakefield’s program around. Last year, the Warriors finished the season at 0-10. This year, Wakefield started off 2-0 for the first time since 1986. Unfortunately, Wakefield did hit several bumps in the road and lost six straight games. They ended the season with three wins to their name. Coach Hogwood has confidence that he can make Wakefield a .500 team in the next two years, “Our kids right now are pretty young and in about 2 years, we should be where everybody else is, if not better.” Wakefield has not had a .500 record since 1987, nor have we had a winning season since 1983. The Wakefield community looks toward the future, when Hogwood’s knowledge and expertise can make big things happen for the Warriors. Coach Wayne Hogwood has the passion and pool of young players; they have the possibility of being a playoff contender in the years to come.