Upstanders’ Week of Action: Stand Up to Bullying


Photo by: @whs_Upstanders

Upstanders have been around since before the new building was even here.

PACER, a national bullying organization, reports that 1 in 4 students have admitted to being bullied while at school. To try to raise awareness and stop bullying, the Wakefield Upstanders are hosting a Week of Action for the 2015-2016 school year. Next week, December 7-11th, there will be a different activity in Town Hall during all three lunches.

Here’s the schedule for each day:

Monday: Blue Day (wear blue) 

Town Hall Activity: window painting 

  • Blue is the color for national bullying awareness. Wear blue to show your support for the cause. We will also paint windows during all lunches in Town Hall.

Tuesday: Buttercup Day

Town Hall Activity: compliment friends

  • Send compliments to your friends! Write people positive notes and they will be delivered during the next Warriors” Period.

Wednesday: Rice Paper Day

Town Hall Activity: Rice paper bad feelings and participate in the promo video 

  • Three things happen on Wednesday: write a bad feeling, or something negative someone has said to you, on a piece of rice paper. Watch it dissolve (to represent you letting of it). If you want, you can also be in The Upstanders’ promo video. There will also be a bake sale after school.

Thursday: Boxes of Compliments 

Town Hall Activity: participate in the promo video 

  • There will boxes placed throughout the school full of compliments. If you’re having a bad day, you can just take a compliment…hopefully it will make your day a little better. If you want, you can also be in The Upstanders’ promo video.

Friday: Orange Day (wear orange)

Town Hall Activity: Banner signing

  • Wear orange (the national color for unity) to unite against bullying. Sign the banner to pledge to stand up to bullying.

Let’s make it the best Week of Action yet!