Ryan Foster-Baird '18 , After School Staff Writer

Yes, this is another Bond movie. But as we’ve seen with previous Craig (James) Bond movies, they are definitely a hit or miss. We’ve been through the good times like Casino Royale, Skyfall and some very bad times like Quantum of Solace. Yet this film clearly places itself in the middle of that spectrum.

In the movie, Bond falls back to a sort of Austin Powers type of Bond, rather than a ruthless assassin we have seen in Casino Royale. But even the Daniel Craig from Casino Royale could not save Spectre because of the incoherent script and plot. Of course, the selling point of modern day Bond films: the action.

How does the action hold up compared to Craig’s other  performances? Throughout this movie it becomes clearer, nothing about the action contains any grit or intensity. One crutch action movies overuse, the “shaky cam effect” the use of fast camera movement to give the illusion of intense fighting; is prevalent here. Add repetitive set pieces lost count of all the scenes involving a helicopter or airplane; Spectre sets itself as the 2nd worst Craig Bond film.
But hey, at least it’s better than Quantum of Solace!

Spectre earns a C+.