Embassy of Spain Visit

Wakefield received a special visit from four members of the Embassy of Spain last month. After a brief introduction stating the purpose of their visit, a member named Laura stepped up to the podium and immersed the Spanish immersion students with information on how to make goals for college and obtain the career that they wish to follow in their future. In her speech, she explained to everyone how there are scholarships available. If students search patiently, they’ll find plenty of them.

Among the scholarships of interest, one particular scholarship provides free airfare from Southwest Airlines. Most of the meeting involved questions from the students and the careers that they are interested in pursuing in their future. One comment Laura made answered most questions: “My mother once told me that I could be anything I want, even if it was a person who picks up trash.” What she meant by this is that one should not stop moving toward what they want to become, even if others don’t have that goal. Everyone has dreams. If someone has a thought, they can make it happen. Life is full of opportunities and this meeting surely served as a reminder that they can be closer than we think. All we have to do is start searching and strive to become successful figures in our society and continue working towards the future.