Parents Tell Truth About Punishment at School


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Nicolas Cameron '18

According to the most recent data, more than 166,000 students were disciplined using unnecessary physical force in school in 2011-2012. Even though it is illegal in the DMV area, some parents are still saying it is happening to their children.

Most recently, a married couple, Xander and Alana Faber, were having an average day, but that all changed when their daughter came home and said the teacher spanked her brother in Kindergarten class. The couple went to the school administrators, but after a whole year there have been no reports of change so they have decided to make the incident public.

In places where it is used experts say it affects students of color more leaving parents of the minorities to ask the question “Will my child be safe anywhere?”

Research shows it’s ineffective, causing pain and humiliation rather than anything else. Things this traumatic will affect any kid for the rest of their life.