Taco Bell Rings in the Morning


Photo per CC License: www.flickr.com/photos/jeepersmedia/

Mmmmmm….Taco Bell for breakfast hits the spot.

Taco Bell is famous for their burritos and #nachosupremes. They are right down the hill and are super fast. With students not being able to go off campus for lunch (#seniorprivileges), mornings sometimes begin with a run to Taco Bell.

One of the items is the A.M. Country Crunch Wrap. After removing  the soft tortilla hexagon from its paper wrapper, the gushy interior seeps through its five corners. Some think this is overwhelming. I think it is the right combination; the perfect morning comfort food. It is like eating a full breakfast in just one bite, all the flavors combine and make this genius concoction of pure deliciousness: a pinch of hash browns, sour cream, melted cheese and sausage. I wish they sold this all day, so that I would be able to buy this for lunch or even dinner. It is without a doubt a cheaper version of a breakfast meal at IHOP, but greater taste and value than McDonald’s breakfast items. The flavor and quality of the food exceed fast food expectations.

Now Taco Bell’s AM Crunch Wrap was an ushy gushy mess. When you first look at this mixture of tortilla, egg, cheese, bacon and hashbrowns you get really excited, because what else would you want in such a convenient breakfast wrap?? The aroma of the wrap is really enticing, it smells like Sunday morning. That is when the magic disappears.

The first thing you notice after biting into the AM Crunch Wrap is the grainy texture. It somehow still manages to feel mushy. The taste is all over the place; the Creamy Jalepeno Sauce completely clashes with the cheese and egg, and the hashbrowns are WAY too salty. The things that are the most exciting are the hashbrowns and bacon, but good luck finding either of those. The hashbrowns were all the way in the middle, and I’m almost positive there was no bacon, at least not that I could taste. For me, the experience was so awful that I had to stop at McDonalds and get a bagel (which definitely made me late to school).