Spotlight on Anne Felipe: New Wakefield Gymnast

Gymnastics is all about dedication and hard work.  Freshman Anne Felipe shares her experiences with her first high school meets on the Wakefield team.

Being part of a team is important for Felipe. She said this of the first meet against Washington-Lee, “we all really enjoy it. It’s fun to be on a high school team and get that experience. I’m new to the school and I’m trying to get into new things.”

Felipe has been a part of her club gymnastics team for eight years. She, as well as all the other girls on the team, are a part of Arlington’s Aeriel Team. This helps them perfect their routines.

On December 8th, they placed 3rd overall out of the 6 teams. Felipe said, “we needed four scores to place all around. Everybody’s score counted. So if someone messed up, it affected the entire team’s performance in regards to points. It put a lot of pressure on everybody at once.” Their efforts were rewarded with the 3rd place finish. “For us to get third place is a really big accomplishment.” The experiences that day got them ready for the meet next week.

Their next meet is at McLean High School on Monday the 11th at 6:30pm. Go support these tumbling warriors in their competition.

Felipe said of future meets, “Our routines can definitely be improved, so our scores should be going up throughout the season.”

Go to the Wakefield Athletics’ site for their schedule.

*CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated the gymnasts competed at Marshall in December. They did not. Apologies.