Students of the Month: The Chosen Ones


Photo by Vessy Robles '18

Students of the Month walk the steps to success.

The following students got a nice surprise from their teachers this month. Out of everyone that their teachers teach, they were chosen as THE ONE. They are the students of the month for DECEMBER.

Here is what they had to say:

Freshman Arian Argote – “I worked hard this month. I’ve going through medical issues and and I’ve never given up and always doing my best.”

Freshman Justin Clark – “My Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Maher,  gave me this award because I was working hard and always having a great attitude.”

Freshman Omina Abdel Karim – “I did everything I was told to do, I worked hard and read lots of books this month.”

Freshman Syndi Hicks – “I had a bad grade and i told her I couldn’t have that as final grade, so I started going in the morning to get help and my grade improved.”

Sophomore Angela Garcia – “For being a good role model and being helpful.”

Sophomore Jerson Ayala – “I think I do good on my assignments and i work hard in the class.”

Sophomore Pinor Coglayon – “Mr. Lenowitz and Dr. Megorgee gave me the award for Pre-Cal and Physics. I worked hard and I respected my teachers.”

Sophomore Radwa Salem – “My math teacher, Ms. Anwyll, gave me the award. I worked very hard in her class.”

Junior Areli Ibarra Ruiz – “I have the high grade in the class.”Junior Fredo Banzon – “Mr. Harris gave me the award for Physics Int. and I received it by doing all my work on time.”

Junior Catatina Davis – “I volunteered my time organizing activities for the up-standards club.”

Junior Jahel Serrano – “I’m a great student, I get good grades, and I participate.”

Senior Gabriel Bishop- “I received my award for helping out with the up-standers and always being positive.”

Senior Jerel Johnson – “Taking notes ahead of our current lessons.”