Girl Scout Cookies: There’s an App for That!


Elena Arrowsmith

Here are some of the addictive cookie options!

Elena Arrowsmith '19, Staff Writer

You see them in front of every grocery store and even being sold in class. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! There is such a wide variety of cookies, you are bound to find something you like!

There are seven different types of cookies and all are delicious: Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Treifoils, Samoas, Savannah Smiles, Do-Si-Dos, and Rah Rah Raisins.

Now, instead of having to find a Girl Scout on your own, there is an app called Girl Scout Cookie Finder.

It can help you find your local Girl Scout Council and nearby cookie booths. There aren’t as many Girl Scouts in high school, which makes it harder to find cookies, but with this app…they are at your fingertips.

Girl Scout Cookies won’t be here for much longer, so get them while you still can!