Is Chocolate Actually Healthy?

Photo by: Everjean

Photo by: Everjean

Irina Lopez '18, Sports Editor

Its soft to the touch and once you bite it open, a world of wonders is discovered. I’m talking about the irresistible chocolate bars that we’re ALL obsessed with. If you’ve ever wondered if chocolate is actually good or bad for you, you’re not the only one. Continue reading to find out more!

According to CNN, studies have suggested that chocolate can lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease as well as reducing the risk of cancer and dementia. Its been proven that it helps control stress levels and blood levels as well.

Chocolate is a great type of antioxidant and causes a good effect on inflammation.

However, NOT ALL CHOCOLATE CREATES THE SAME OUTCOME. Dark chocolate has more anti-inflammatory ingredients than milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Even though more research needs to be done on all kinds of chocolate, its safe to say dark chocolate is healthy.

Keep in mind, most of the data is collected from people who eat these types of chocolate once or twice a day. Eating anything too much isn’t a healthy life style.