Looking For A Summer Job? 3 Sites to Help

Nicolas Cameron '18 and Oscar Martinez '17, Staff Writers

This is a public service announcement for all teens looking for a job this summer. Tired of going to the store and asking managersif they are hiring? Look no further! Now you’ll have everything you need and find yourself a well paying summer job.

How do you know the job your applying for is the right fit for you? Not only does Arlington have the hottest updates on new job openings, but it also has websites that keep you informed. For all teens looking for a job, Arlington Teens is the perfect site for you.

Junior Shaniya Montague said, “I used to go into the store and ask for opening positions, but now I just apply online much quicker and easier.” Follow her advice,  use the internet to allieviate some of the frustration. Here are two more sites which can help find a part time or summer job: SummerJobs.com and Snagajob.com.