Tilikum is Seasick at Seaworld

Tilikum, a bull orca at Seaworld in Orlando, has been battling a bacterial lung infection. He is the star of the documentary Blackfish, which shows his life story and the evils of whale captivity.

According to Seaworld, he is getting the best healthcare and comfort possible for an orca of this age. Is keeping him in captivity the best for his health?

After months of treatment, the bacteria is resisting the medication he’s been receiving. It is especially difficult for 35 year old Tilikum to get better because he is older than most whales in captivity. Here is Seaworld’s official statement on whale care; here’s another viewpoint on Seaworld’s practices.

Whatever you chose to believe, Tilikum is still fighting to stay alive and we can only hope for the best for him. Whether it’s moving on to whale heaven or staying alive in captivity. Hopefully his death will serve a greater purpose, which according to Tim Zimmerman is, “A desire to give greater moral consideration to other species on our planet, and to re-think the casual ease with which we seek to use nature and all things wild.”