Wakefield Girls Varsity Soccer Try to Kick It into High Gear


Photo by Lifetouch

Meghan and Maria try to outflank the Hayfield Hawks.

Irvin Flores '17

Varsity Girls’ Soccer has had a tough start to the season. They have been shut out for their first two games.  They lost them to Hayfield and South County High School.

The team plays our cross county rival, Washington-Lee, on Monday, April 4th at 7:15pm on our home field. The girls have been practicing every day and trying to coordinate their moves on the field. Senior midfielder Perla Tellez said, “winning isn’t everything when you make lifetime friendships.”

They are building their chemistry to find their way to the glory. Make sure to not miss their game, #warriornation.

If you want to see the schedule for additional games click here.