Android vs. Apple

The universal argument over Apple vs. Android continues, and there’s no sign of it being resolved. You hear the arguments in the hallway, at the bus stop, and in the classroom. Which one is better? read the facts below and decide, #warriornation.

  • Storage

Most Android phones have a micro SD card slot to insert an SD card when you run out of storage in your phone. So you can get storage cheaply and easily. However, in iPhones, the same cannot be done. iPhones don’t have SD card slots and you’re stuck with the storage you decided to go with when you buy your phone.

  • Battery

If your phone’s battery starts sucking, you can change it and replace it with a new one in android phones. With iPhones, you can’t do the same. The only choice you get is to buy a new phone.

  • Music

Android doesn’t care where your music comes, so you can easily listen to free music from anywhere.  Whereas in iPhones, you have to get music from iTunes or Apple music which ultimately means you have to pay for the music.

  • Notifications

Android phones show visual notifications at the top of your phone so you can know what you need to check and respond to. iPhones don’t show them unless you slide the top bar and check the notifications you have, which in my opinion is harder to do.

  • Files

When you connect your phone to your computer and want to shift files, android phones let you access all files so you can easily transfer anything you want. Apple, on the other hand, does not give access to all its files and you can’t transfer everything onto your computer. It is totally up to Apple to decide which files to show you on your computer for transfer.

  • Unlocking

iPhones only give you a few different options of setting up a password. Androids on the other hand give you way more options. For example, in iPhones you can only put up a passcode with numbers or a fingerprint identification password. Whereas in Android, you can put up a pattern, password, passcode, face unlock or a fingerprint identification password.

So there you have it, #warriornation. Android seems to be in the lead. Do you agree?