Students of the Month in the Spotlight

The month of January was great for the Students of the Month. They’re being recognized for their hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Alexandra Rosenberg was recognized by her Math teacher for her outstanding job in class, she said, “I study hard to get good grades and I always behave in class.”

Luke Anderson has been on top of things with A-B Honor since September. He is being awarded by Dr. El Gamal for his Superior work in Chemistry; he explained his feeling on being acknowledged, “It feels great to receive this award. I think anybody being awarded for doing great could agree that it makes you want to work even harder.” Making you feel good about the hard work that you do is what the teachers strive for, and the reason that they do this.

How they plan to continue down this very successful path? They’ll work even harder to maintain and improve their work until the last day of school! Rosenberg said, “I’ll keep doing great in class and I’ll be on top of all of my work.” Keeping up in class will also be a goal for Luke; “I’ll continue to take responsibility with teachers, stop procrastinating on homework, and I’ll always put my school work first. When I know that i have something due, I’ll just do it. No pain, no gain!”

Sophomore Luke Anderson (left) and freshman Alexandra Rosenberg (right) sit in the spotlight for Student of the Month.

#WarriorNation! We want our students to aim for the stars, seek help when needed, and tackle all obstacles. Finish the school year strong, #wakefield4life.