Arlington’s First Murder of the Year

Violence happens anywhere, even Arlington. The news reports all about crime in DC, but it is important to know it happens in Arlington, too.

On April 1st, residents on 3rd Street South were flooding the police departments with phone calls. Arlington police officers immediately responded by blocking off 3rd Street South and Glebe Road due to a stabbing that had occurred roughly at 8:00 pm.

The police department bomb squad was also called onto the scene. Here is what happened: Neighbors on 3rd St. S. could hear people having a verbal dispute on the street and dialed 911 immediately. As the police and police swat team arrived to the scene, they struggled to get the attacker out of the house. Once they managed to get him out the house, they put him under arrest. Once medical professionals arrived, they found one victim that was severely injured, in his early 40’s, and they checked the juvenile who had minor injuries. The older man was taken to George Mason University Hospital Trauma Center where he was pronounced dead.

The police found a great number of inconsistencies in the juvenile’s story. After interviewing the teen, they knew what exactly had occurred, the teen was indeed the stabber. They arrested the teen and he was charged with murder and stabbing while committing a felony.

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