JV Boys Soccer Has Marvelous Season

Well, the JV Boys are having a fantastic season as of yet. They have had 6 wins, 3 ties, and 2 losses. They do need the superfans at the games to end the season right.

“The JV Boys team has great compatibility on and off the field. We all watch out for each other” said sophomore Brian Rivera. Huh! This must be why they keep winning, #warriornation. Sophomore Melvin Argueta said, “We started off not doing so well, then as the season continued we learned to work togther and found ourselves winning more games.” Way to go, team!


The boys have been putting in extra hard work these past few weeks for the final games. “The team is very confident going into every game and that’s most of why we’re finding success” said sophomore Samy Achour.

“We pour our hearts onto the field and do whatever we need to do to get the win” said sophomore Tommy Setchell.

Go to Falls Church on Friday at 5:45pm to support our winning warriors in their final game of the season!