“The Huntsman: Winter’s War” War? More Like Bore!

Warning!!!! This movie is not all that it seems to be.

The movie is an unofficial part 2 of Snow White and the Huntsman which came out in the summer of 2012. I recommend watching Snow White first. If you’re like me and didn’t watch this previous movie, you are left wondering how and why there is a sudden transition of power between kingdoms.

To my amazement, this story was not initially what I thought it was. In all of the advertising, and even in the trailer, this movie looks like it is all about the fight for power between sister queens, thriving with action and vengeance. In reality, it is more of a love story.

The story follows the two leading huntsman, Eric and Sara, and how their forbidden love overcomes all obstacles. The Ice Queen, Freya, was betrayed by a loved one and manipulated by Queen Ravenna. Freya lost her faith in love and thrived on separating people like Eric and Sara.

I went to see this movie for the sibling rivalry and their magical power capabilities. I wanted a great battle for control between both the north and south kingdoms. I wanted revenge and hatred to fuel the fight between the sisters, but in reality the hatred was towards anyone with love in their hearts.

If you like action movies, you might come out a little disappointed with the focus being on love. Although there was action and drama, the intensity of it all just wasn’t enough for me. Many of the struggles and fighting are between the huntsmen and mythical creatures that lurk in the woods surrounding the kingdoms. I finally got my fight in the final scenes of the movie. It took way too long to get there. Way too long. And, it wasn’t even really a fight.

For all of you romantics out there, this is the movie for you. Love scenes and heartbreaking moments are threaded throughout the movie.  I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman, and those who love the stereotypical love story where everyone  lives “happily ever after”.