Crew Dominates the Charlie Butt Regatta


Photo by @WHS_crew

The Men’s Lightweight Four are so fast!

Sarah Vest '17, Warriors' Period Writer

Wakefield Crew dominated this past Saturday at the Charlie Butt Regatta. The Women’s Junior Four Placed for the first time in crew history and the Men’s Lightweight four continues their undefeated streak for the third week in a row. Both Novice fours did exceptionally well in their categories, with the boys taking first place and the girls coming in a close second.

The Women’s Junior Four (Coxswain Lee Frederick, Astrid Henkle, Destiny Heid, Sarah Vest and Rebecca Nance) after taking first place in heats by 14.27 seconds advanced to finals. During finals they beat Langley out for third place by a bigger margin of 15.34 seconds.

The Men’s Lightweight Four (Coxswain Parker Michos, Sam Fontaine, Nick Belvin, Jeremiah Sevren, and Nathan Garama) continued their winning streak by beating Oakton Crew by 19.6 seconds. The boys are optimistic for States and are looking forward to potentially making it to nationals.

The Men’s Novice Four (Coxswain Jared Smith, Rory Cameron, Musse Yimmer, Sasha Weist and Cameron Garama) took first place with a time of 5 minutes and 57 seconds. The Novice Women’s Four (Coxswain Lynn Faris, Liz Kelly, Grace Peterson, Lee Frederick, and Sofia Doherty) came in at a close second after being put into a new boat.

Varsity and Novice States are coming up in the next two weeks and the Men’s Varsity Coach, Daniel Voigtsberger said, “going into Novice states we hope to continue our success and have our best showing ever.”