Embarrassing Moments: Everyone Has Them

Our very own Forrest Jacobs, reenacts an embarrassing event most of our student body has experienced: the humiliation of falling down the stairs in front of others.

Ricky Astudillo '15

Our very own Forrest Jacobs, reenacts an embarrassing event most of our student body has experienced: the humiliation of falling down the stairs in front of others.

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It has been a long first quarter. We have all gotten used to a new building, new schedule, and new year. When talking to friends, there have already been some pretty embarrasing events this year. It seems when something particularly embarrassing happens, students remember other equally embarrassing times in the past. Here is a small poll of Wakefield students’ most embarrassing moments. Have an embarrassing moment you want in the next installment? Email us at [email protected]

*Names have been removed to lessen the discomfort.

“It was before my soccer game at Gunston Middle School around November. It was getting a bit hot from running back and forth on the field constantly. I went to the side of the field to take off my sweatpants, and didn’t realize people were staring at me and laughing. I completely forgot to wear my shorts underneath. Totally embarrassed, standing there in my underwear. Never making that mistake again.” –Junior

“It was 2 years ago, freshman year. My teacher randomly asked my buddies and I if it would be weird to wear a skirt? We all said that if we do it, for one whole day at school to get pizza, Ledo’s pizza to be exact. We ended up wearing one the next day and got made fun of and had all eyes on us. Yes, it was quite embarrassing but I enjoyed my pizza at the end of the day!”–Junior

“It was the first time I got rejected. 7th grade. I liked this girl for a while, and didn’t have the guts to go and tell her how I really felt. After texting and talking to her for a couple weeks. I finally had the nerve to come face to face with her and tell that I liked her. And what did she do? Rejected me.” -Or you could say “friend-zoned.” -Junior

“I had to pee all day and my teachers wouldn’t let me leave the class in the middle of their lectures. And how could I use the bathroom and get to my class all in less than 5 minutes? After that, I go to math class and I ask to go. At this point I’m so glad I can finally pee, while in the bathroom I wash my hands and see to my left, flip-flops with pink-toed nail polish. I look up and it’s a girl! I screamed and ran out! I realized I walked in the wrong bathroom. Till this day it’s so awkward seeing her in the halls.” How embarrassing is that? -Senior

“I got so thirsty and had 2 minutes to get to class. I ran to the nearest water fountain. And SPLASH! It squirted right at my face and hit me on the front of my glasses. Then I turn around and see the maintenance guy. Wow couldn’t he have shown up just a couple minutes before that? Just a heads up it was on the third floor so be careful!” Freshman

“During class one day, I was taking a test and leaned down to pick up my fallen pencil on the floor beside my desk. I heard a huge tear coming from the back of my pants. And of course it had ripped! I thought of a smart way of fixing that situation. Call me crazy, but I took the stapler and stapled my pants back to normal. It didn’t look that bad, but at least I didn’t have a huge whole on the back of my butt!” -Senior


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