Immigrant Struggles: Upcoming for the Incoming

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Mominah Tariq '19, Opinions' Editor

Imagine having to quit your job and moving to a totally different country where:

Your degree doesn’t matter.

Your qualifications don’t count.

And…there’s no going back.

Imagine starting from the very bottom, all over again, starting your life all over again, and imagine that all the hard work you’ve done is going to waste.

That’s what it’s like for an immigrant. That’s just one of the many struggles they have to face.

The thing that hurts the most is that it feels like it is their fault. It’s not their fault that they want to live in a place where they feel protected. It’s not their fault that they want their children to have a bright and secure future. And in most cases, people have to flee their countries in distress in order to have these rights that natural born Americans sometimes take for granted.

Here are the top six struggles immigrants face. Read them to learn a little more about what some of your classmates are going through.

  • Communication

It is already difficult for immigrants to settle in a new place and get used to their surroundings. It is difficult for most to communicate well, to explain what exactly it is that they’re trying to say.

  • Raising children 

Raising children is tough. Raising children in an unfamiliar culture is even tougher. It is disappointing and hard for parents to see their kids struggling to keep up in class. Often times, they are also dealing with cases of bullying and discrimination.

  • Securing A Job

Here in the US, finding a job is not considered easy. Having trouble speaking English makes it harder to get hired.  It is frustrating for immigrants to fight for a minimum wage job here when they had a better paying job back in their country because of their degrees and experience, all of which is being ignored in America.

  • Secure Housing 

I think we all know how much a safe and normal sized house costs in Arlington; yes…a lot. So, imagine trying to have that for your family with a low paying job. For this reason, large families are forced into small, noisy places because that’s what they can afford.

  • Accessing Services 

Most immigrants are afraid to access services because they are afraid of being deported. Consequently, people will avoid seeing the doctor or reaching out for services like legal guidance when they’re afraid. Accessing mental health support is also hard. A good portion of immigrants have been exposed to torture, rape and violence- but they may not know how to seek help.

  • Transportation 

Obtaining a driver’s license, whether documented or not, is extremely difficult for a variety of reasons. For those who don’t speak English, a translator is needed, and that can mean delays. When using public transportation, language barriers play a great role. Sometimes it is not easy for immigrants to communicate with the bus driver.

So, here are just some of the major struggles immigrants face, so let’s try not to add to them even more! If you see someone for another country having trouble, help them out! Start a conversation! Make them feel welcome!

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