Varsity Softball: 2016 Play Offs

Give a round of applause to the ladies that went out on that field and gave it all they had. This play off season, the Varsity Softball team fell to Edison and Lee, and still kept their head held high with warrior pride.

In the first play off game, these warriors came out swinging against JEB Stuart! They left the field a blaze with a final score of 13-4. The ladies had their heads in the game and that was reflected in the final score.

In the second play off game, the ladies fell to Edison 10-3, but the hard work was there. Sophomore Madelyn Wood said, “It was really difficult. Our short stop got taken out and when I was replacement short stop, I got injured. So our short stop and second baseman ended up being two people who had never practiced in that position before.”

The third game was their consolation game to fight out for third place. They lost that game. Madelyn Wood said, “With our team being riddled with injuries, it was really hard. I think that because we had all these obstacles, physically,we [still] came together as a team.”

These Warriors had a winning season and left it all on the diamond. They are young, so we should expect great things next year.