NBA Finals: King James Loses His Warriors


Draymond Green and The Warriors lead the series 2-0 against the CAVS. Can you see that ring?

The Golden State Warriors are on their way to a second consecutive title with  a 2-0 lead against the Cavaliers. With an outstanding comeback performance against OKC (They were down 3-1.), The Warriors have been on fire this playoff season. The CAVS’ record before the finals was 12-2. Those high hopes seem to be deflating with each new game.

GAME 1: 104-WARRIORS vs. 89-CAVS   

CAVS dominated the glass with a 6 board lead in total rebounds (47-41) but that made no difference; the Warriors had 6 less turnovers than the Cavaliers totaling 15.  Both teams made less then ten 3-pointers. JR Smith (CAVS shooting  guard who is known for making 3’s) played for 36 minutes, but only went 1-3 from the field.  Lebron was 1 assist away from a triple double with 23-PTS 12-RBS 9-ATS.

GAME 2:  110-WARRIORS vs. 77-CAVS  

The Warriors dominated the second half of the game turning a 6 point lead with six minutes at the end of the 3rd quarter to a 20 point blowout at the start of the 4th. The Splash Brothers (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson) combined for 8 threes, 4 each. Everyone knew it was bad when Draymond Green hit two threes off the dribble. The Warriors decimated the CAVS with a 33 point lead. Curry went 4-8 from three and had 18 points. Lebron dominated, but it wasn’t enough with 19-PTS, 8-RBS, 9-ATS.

Lebron’s third ring looks farther away than ever before.