Worth The Watch?

Elena Arrowsmith '19, Arts and Entertainment Editor

At the end of January, A Dog’s Purpose made it’s big debut in the theaters! The day it came out people were rushing to theaters to see it. The story was initially a book written by W. Bruce Cameron in 2010. Everyone is in love with the movie, it will make you cry, laugh and is incredibly heart warming. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is one week left to see it on the big screen.

Last weekend, I watched A Dog’s Purpose. I can definitely say it’s the most tear jerking movie you will ever see. It really tugs at the heart strings! Not only was this movie a happy feel good movie, but it also shows you the tougher side of a dog’s life.

It is the journey of a loving dog trying to figure out what his purpose is, the meaning of his existence. He is reincarnated into many more lives as a pup over the course of 50 years! In his last life he notices that there is something familiar about his owner. He soon realizes that his new owner is the same owner from his first life. The movie ends with him living a happy life with his long lost owner Ethan.

At first I was skeptical because the trailers made it seem more like a children’s movie, but there was definitely more depth to it than that. It showed you the happy parts of a dog’s life like running in fields, chasing after a ball, but it also shows you that some dogs spend their whole life being tied up to a tree in a backyard. It’s the sad truth that not enough people know.

This movie also made me realize how much a dog can impact someone’s life. There were a couple of people in the movie who were very lonely, but when they got a dog, their life completely changed for the better.

Overall, this movie was amazing and I would definitely see it again. I highly recommend this movie to all the dog lovers out there.

Go see it in a theatre near you!