Primordial: Part 2


Paul Garado '19, Staff Writer

All I saw was a dark sky and a landscape filled with shadowy figures walking around the nightmarish land.

“Are you paying attention, Beth.”

“Huh.” Instantly all of the horror filled images were gone, replaced by the normal world and a teacher looking right at me.

“Sorry, Ms.Haley, where were we again?”

“Page 65, Ms.Reiner, I expect you to pay more attention next time.”

As she left my desk, I could already hear the whispers of my fellow peers. I already knew what they were all saying, after all, I have dealt with this my whole life.The class bell rung and I left immediately wishing for no one to bug me on my way out, but of course someone was there to say something to me.

“Hey Freak, see any of your freak visions today?”

“Get out of my way Brett, I need to leave”

“Going to the psycho house so soon, Beth?”

I shoved him out of the way and walked down the hall to the exit. If only life was so easy.

I walked to the other side of town, where my favorite spot was; a small cove on the eastern shore of the lake. No one ever really goes here which makes it an even better place to think and ponder why the world hates you so much. I knew the world hated me, and I knew it very much. Why else would it give me such a strange curse?

The curse I’m talking about, is of course my strange ability to see this other world. I’ve had this power for as long as I remember, and a far as I can tell there’s really is no reason that I have it. It happens at random intervals, they last anywhere between a few seconds to about an hour, and when I see these things they don’t interact with my world. It used to be extremely frightening honestly, but after time, I guess you can get used to about anything.

Sometimes, I looked at the reflection in the water, and wish I was never born. People making fun of me was never that bad since I knew what was going on in theirs heads, they all thought I was just a crazy girl.

No, what hurt me the most was people who act like they know me, act like they know what I am going through.

I don’t think anyone would understand what I was going though, and honestly I’m thankful for that, since understanding would mean seeing that horrible world. I don’t want a person to try to understand, I just wanted a friend, someone to make this whole experience a little better. I kept on looking at the reflection, pretty brown eyes, soft brunette hair, a slim figure, a rosy complexion, I certainly didn’t look that bad, why couldn’t someone even try to be my friend. I know I act like sometimes I don’t care, but I do. I just wanted someone to talk to, someone to actually care.

I felt a push from behind and I fell into the pool of water.

“Uh oh, looks like psycho girl took a spill.”

It was Brett and a few other people from his posse. This is definitely not what I needed.

“Brett, what the hell is wrong with you.”

“What do you mean, one of those weird, make believe monsters pushed you.”

I raised my hand to hit Brett, but instantly, the other world showed up. Something was definitely weird, I could see both worlds at the same time. I could feel my legs get weak, I sank to my knees, back to the water.

“Look, crazy got scared or something” Brett laughed.

All of them started laughing at me, when suddenly shadowy figures approached Brett and his friends. I had never seen this, the other world had never noticed I was there, what was happening? The shadowy figures reached Brett’s group and they grabbed each one of them, and they did what looked like a merging of some sorts.

“What’s happening?” Brett said with a distorted voice.

Brett’s shape bent and stretched in ways I had never seen before, and soon enough, he was near unrecognizable. The form he now took was grotesque and horrifying, just the mere sight of him and his friends frightened me to the bone.

“What’s wrong?” Brett said in a voice so distorted that I doubt it was once his.

He shambled towards me which sent me crawling back. I couldn’t get up, what was happening? What’s happening right now? Brett’s arm turned sharp and thrusted towards me. It just barely missed me, heading straight into the lake instead. That impact definitely would have torn right through me. I crawled back more when something hit my back.

I had no idea how that man got behind me. He was extremely pale, tall, skinny, and had a cloak that seemed to be like a dark void, like there no light or end to it.

“Hello child, I require your help.”