Tis’ the Season to Make Some Festive Treats


The Wakefield Chieftain had their annual Holiday Festivities last week. We came together and built some Gingerbread trains and Rice Krispie houses! Some turned out to be beautiful master pieces, while others were big mushy messes. Either way it was a good time.

Here’s how it all went down.

The process started off by opening up the boxes and taking out all the pieces to what we would build. Senior Hannah Foley said, “It was a little frantic, we didn’t know how much work it was going to take, but we laughed a lot and it tasted pretty good at the end.” For many, icing is very important in order to survive especially for junior Carla Barefoot who said, “I learned icing is ESSENTIAL in order for the whole thing not to fall apart (just like my life).” There’s no denying that, Carla!

Building things can be difficult, but not when you have your friends to help you out. That’s exactly what The Wakefield Chieftain did. Even though it took some time, the end result was fantastic. We changed things up with not gingerbread houses, but with gingerbread trains. It didn’t stop there, we also had Rice Krispie holiday houses instead of your normal gingerbread houses.

When making these treats sometimes the directions aren’t the way to go. Junior Luis Pinto said, “I learned that sometimes the instructions on the box don’t make sense, so you get to improvise.” Some did follow the directions,; junior Vivian Tirado said, “It also took team work because someone was putting frosting, another holding cookies, and I was reading directions.” Click here for direct instructions for making some more tasty masterpieces. We then stuck the pieces together, and added some candy here and there. Not everyone is a big fan of candy though, senior Grace Jones said, “skip the small and hard candies because they don’t taste good.” Slowly, after trial and error, we finished, and it was delicious!

Throughout all of this, we even learned some other things outside of decorating. Senior Zach Saltos said, “after this experience, I now know that I am not the best at understanding directions, or at manual labor. If anything, I found out that I was relatively good at detailing!”

I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was much easier doing it as a group than it would have been doing it alone. It’s important to take the time to try new things like these over your break.

Make sure you take time out of your break to do some festive activities with friends and family.

Have an awesome Winter Break, Warriors!