XFL: For The Love Of Football

The DMV has got a new team! The D.C. Defenders are arguably one of the best teams in the XFL. The XFL just came back February 8th, and this time there is a DC team.  The XFL is a semi pro-league clustered with retired, backup and practice squad players (10 players who didn’t make the final 53-man roster, but are kept in case of injury of a starter or a backup). With three wins and two losses, they are a force to be reckoned with.

The Defenders started the XFL season with two wins back to back, completely dominating their opponents. Popping off a two game losing streak with a win against the Battlehawks shows that they are a solid team and can come back from a loss. They have a well balanced team with a jaw dropping defense that knows how to represent their city! They have gone undefeated at home (3-0). Being tied for third fewest points allowed this season. The XFL has a 10 week season, playoffs start on April 18th, and the XFL Championship is Sunday, April 26th, so there are still some important games to watch.

 A star from the Defender’s roster is Eli Rogers, their reliable wide receiver! A former Pittsburgh Steeler, lining up with the likes of Antonio Brown and catching passes from Super Bowl winning quarterback Ben Rothenberger. He is tough. His mom died in week 2 against the New York Guardians and her funeral was taking place while a game was being played. Eli has the strength to stay with his team and give it his all. This is just one of the players on this amazing team.

They play at Audi field; two games are played on Saturday and two games are played on Sunday. Keep your love of football alive in the NFL off-season. Here is the XFL schedule.