Spring Sports Start Now


Follow the Spring Sports teams on social media. The Girls Crew team has a fun account, @wakefieldgirlscrew on Instagram.

Spring Sports Tryouts start this week. Get ready, Warriors. Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Track and Field, Crew, Tennis, and Softball all hold tryouts on Monday, 2/21, even though there is no school. When you make the team, it’s important that you balance your time, make good choices for when and what you eat, and stay calm when trying out. 

Keeping up with school work while playing sports can be quite stressful, even if you know how to manage your time. Work piles up and you get stressed out. Daniel Gutierrez said, “After practice I like to complete some of my homework before I go to bed, and then when the weekend comes I have more time. And I also use time during school like Warriors’ period.” Sounds like good advice. By using all the time you have wisely, you can do it.

Depending on the sport you try out for, you have to follow different diets to keep your energy up. Matthew Smith, a junior in Track said, “I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, mostly bananas, strawberries and broccoli. I also make sure to get a lot of protein…such as chicken.” Figuring out how to start off a new food plan is necessary so that you’re able to do well in your games and feel energized while trying out.

Most of the time when trying out for a team, people feel nervous. Mateo Stronberg, a junior on Crew, said, “You have to take [it] slow, and you need to remember that failing once doesn’t mean you fail entirely. You just have to learn from that failure and keep advancing during tryouts.” Don’t worry too much about mistakes during tryouts; everyone makes them.

Don’t avoid asking for help if you’re having trouble with your workload. Ask your teachers during Warriors’ Period or lunch, and you can also ask for help in the Lunch Labs. Here are all the Academic Supports at Wakefield this year. Good luck with tryouts this week. Go to the Canvas page for Clubs and Activities for tryout information.