Redskins Player Jordan Reed Is a Force on the Field


Photo By: @jordan_reed86

Waiting on his moment to come back out on the field.

Oscar Martinez '17, Staff Writer

Redskins TE Jordan Reed is one of the movers and key players on the field. He is a game changer. In the game this Sunday against the Patriots, Reed is the one to watch.

In the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Reed came out of the game, shook off a left ankle injury, and then came back into the game after a few drives, having to leave again after suffering a concussion. The numbers show how his impact is felt on the field. With Reed on the field, the Redskins were 4th in the NFL on converting 3rd downs with a percentage of 46.8. Without Reed, the Redskins only converted 33.3 percent.

He is a relative new comer, coming into the league in 2013. In that short time, Reed has racked up a total of 130 receptions for 1,314 yards and 6 touchdowns. Reed came back from his concussion in the last Redskins game to start against the Buccaneers. He finished the game with 11 receptions and 2 touchdowns. He was a hard player to miss in that last game. His second 2nd touchdown put the icing on the cake in that historic come back game. The Redskins had trailed by 24 points, and won 31-30. A lot of that had to do with Reed’s presence on the field.

Watch to see what he does this week, #HTTR fans!