2nd Mockingjay Is Worth the Trip: Love and Action

The final installment in The Hunger Games series has been out for over a month. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it with the few days of Winter Break that remain. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) realizes that nothing will ever be the same, kind of like the end of high school.

She goes to the front lines to give support to the troops and free Panem. She sometimes feels as though she is just a figure head. The plot was predictable in that they put Katniss in a position where she has to prove that she is not just the rebellion’s tool. So, she comes up with a plan to let the capital know that rebellion means business and that they will never let up until they are victorious.

Plans change. When she got put into her squad, they switched her squad leader and changed the whole destination for the team. So instead of taking her with the rest of the army, they make her stay a few miles behind them. Traveling through the capital was a deadly and costly idea, but in the end it made some people in the group understand themselves more and build a strong bond. The movie shows that pain makes a person change in amazing ways and can even make you a better person.

After every thing died down, and the war was finally over, she went back home to try to somehow get her life back. The end scenes are the ones that make the audience think the most, because the director took all of Katniss’s pain and turned it to love. The movie could have use more action and more fighting, but if you love a mix of love and action, this is the movie for you.