Wakefield Gridiron Knocks Out Edison for First Win

The varsity football team had a sputtering start. But on Friday, October 7, the team got their first win against conference opponent Edison High School. They stuck together as a unit and trusted each other to do their job on the field and the work payed off. That has been a huge part in the first six games of the season. No matter what the score looks like, the sideline is always supportive.

Senior and Safety Christopher “Mingo” Peterson said, “it sucks every Friday losing by 21 or more. But our mentality is not to give up even though there are some twists and turns along the way. And on Friday we achieved our goal.” This is the time, the time where we see what ‘real captains are made of” said junior and Safety Xavier Taylor. And they stepped up. The captains play a huge role due to the fact that the team is young, and the Front even are not experienced at the varsity level.

It has been a season of moments. Some gut wrenching, and some heart warming. After the Falls Church loss, 49-21, Coach Hogwood said, in the after game huddle, “They wanted it more than us.” And the team agreed with coach. But on Friday Wakefield wanted it more than Edison. They have it in the locker room, but the energy doesn’t translate to the field. But this time, the energy was their all game. Junior and Quarterback Colton Poythress said, “in order to start racking up more wins, we mainly need to make sure we keep our heads up and keep pushing forward. We play a very top heavy schedule, meaning the first five games are much more difficult than the second half of the season. If we keep working hard the results will show as we enter our last 4 conference games. We got our first win against Edison and now we have to keep getting them.”

Why is the record 1-5? Players can get confused on the field in the heat of the game. This is understandable when the Front Seven is so new to their positions. The Front Seven is the defensive line. The defense stops the other side from scoring and is responsible for setting the offense up for success. The Noseguard, Left End, Right End, Outside Linebackers, and Middle Line backers all know their assignments in practice, but sometimes it doesn’t play out on the field on game day. Senior and Middle Line Backer Tim Stroble III said, “We need to fight until the end.” That determination is what is going to turn this record around and save the season. Against Edison, @WarriorGridiron fought until the end and it needs to be like that for the rest of the season.

Don’t give up, Wakefield. Our boys are ready to eat. Peterson said, “We’re all hungry for another win.” Taylor agreed, “If we come out and give our all, 100% of the game for the rest of the season, then we should win every game from now on.”

Stay loyal, #warriornation. Our boys need us in the stands. 1-5 is a rough start but with every loss, “we get better and strive even harder every game.” Like Poythress said, “the last four games are all conference games, which means our intensity level has skyrocketed.”” We’re hungry for more wins and we’ll get them” Peterson said.   

See you at the Homecoming game Friday at 7pm against JEB Stuart! The team needs @whssuperfans and all of #warriornation at the games. The cheer of the crowd makes all the difference.