Adopting A Robot As A Family Member?


Juan Torres '18

Could your closet look like this in 2 years? A Jibo on every shelf?

Aziza Sidikova '18, Staff Writer

Families across the country are adding a new member to their family that can be a friend, a personal assistant, and even a teacher. This interactive robot, named Jibo, is capable of many things. Jibo aids you in tasks like ordering food, memorizing important information, and controlling linked technology in the house.

“It’s amazing because, they’re, like, people but more complex” said freshman Kiyahna Adams .

Jibo can have a conversation with you, respond to your questions, and even offer you help when you ask for it. Jibo can even give you options if you’d like to try a new recipe! This machine can read books out loud, as well as your texts messages from your phone.

Though they are small in size, 11 inches tall and weighing 6 pounds, Jibo is capable of incredible things. The creators of Jibo were able to make this mini computer visually pleasing, as well as extremely effective.

Jibo is said to be released somewhere between late 2015 and early 2016! “ Ew, I’m going to be old,” said freshman Kiyahna Adams  when she realized the release date of Jibo.

Some people believe that the wait time in addition to the price of $499.99 (a Consumer Edition), is just not worth it. “I’m not getting that because they don’t carry my stuff. It’s not good enough,” said freshman Azalea Johannes. The Developer Edition is $599.99 with shipping. “It’s too expensive” said freshman Nick Stiller.

If you can manage to lose that sticker shock, Jibo can be an amazing new addition to your family, and he won’t even eat all of your cereal in the morning so you don’t have breakfast before school.