Students of the Month Strive for the Stars

November’s Students of the Month are in! The great thing about the award is that any Wakefield employee can nominate a student. Another thing that makes the award so nice is that the nominator can choose any criteria, that person just has to think you deserve to be recognized for standing out from the crowd.

What did November’s students of the month do to get their award?

Freshman Joshua Bannon – “I worked hard and I will continue to do so.”

Freshman Litzy Belteton – “I think I got to be student of the month for being a hardworking student.”

Freshman Nathalia Chambi – “I believe I got student of the month because I turned in my work on time, and I would always drop by Mr. Shirley’s Classroom to get help with anything I have trouble with.”

Freshman Justin Clark – I think I was student of the month because I showed commitment and the hardworking aspect of me. To get student of the month again. To get student of the month again, I will keep up the hard work for December.”

Freshman Jenifer Guzman – “I think they choose me for students of the month because I always come to Saturday Academy, and work really hard.”

Freshman Jillian Neri – “I will continue to work hard and study.”

Freshman Yohany Mendoza Reyes – “I think it’s because I work hard and I never gave up.”

Sophomore Brahim Abdelouahabi – “I’ll keep being good and do the right things as well.”

Sophomore Christopher Ansah – “I think I got student of the month by studying and working hard, and I will continue to do that.”

Sophomore Pinar Caglayan – “I did what I had to do as a student of Wakefield high school, and I will continue to do so.”

Sophomore Brackman Thomas Fisher – “I got student of the month for my hard work and being the most well behaved in class.”

Sophomore Jhonatan Flores – “I did all my homework and studied for all of my test.”

Sophomore Yenis Hernandez-Manzanarez  – “Tried my best and studied for tests!”

Sophomore Barbara Jaramillo – “I was  responsible with my homework and nice to the teacher and I also paid attention in class.”

Sophomore Marisabel Jimenez – “I made sure my grades are great.”

Sophomore Annabelle Perkins – “I think I got student of the month because I have a really high part to sing in Chorus, so I’d say leadership.”

Junior Tasnim Alam – “I demonstrated excellent leadership skills I the classroom and maintained principal honor roll.”

Junior Sofia Marquez – “I think I made student of the month by doing my best in class.”

Senior Arian Argote – “I’ve received student of the month many times before because of my hard work, success, even through tough medical problems, I didn’t give up on my studies, I will continue!”

Senior Saga Hogans – “I worked hard and tried my best at all times no matter how hard the work was.”

For more Awardees, click here. Will YOU be on the list?

Did you miss the picture? Join us when The Chieftain celebrates December’s students of the month on Tuesday, January 12th in Town Hall at 10:50am (beginning of WP).